A Trigger for Offense by Republicans?


Attorney General Sessions did a good job defending himself in his testimony before the US Senate. He exuded outraged passion and showed gumption, two characteristics we had not witnessed before in him. But that was Mr. Sessions in action in his own personal defense. When will he show the same outraged passion, the same gumption in defending the President of America in the new civil war raging in the American media.

Everybody knows by now that this Russia collusion stuff is bogus & made up. As Putin himself told the world that he has a bigger & deeper relationship with NBC’s Megyn Kelly than with Michael Flynn. AG Sessions himself called allegations of his rumored collusion as “an appalling & detestable lie”.  

Good job by AG Sessions. He did talk the talk. Now can he walk the walk & show he can act like an honest & fearless AG? If Mr. Sessions is as clean as he says, why can’t he un-recuse himself from the Russia investigation and become America’s Attorney General in fact as well as in name? No one forced him to recuse himself back then when he had just taken over & was more concerned about his own image. By now even he must have recognized the appalling hate-based campaign that is ruining the country. So what stops him from saying enough is enough & taking over?

Actually he doesn’t even need to go that far; not right now. Comey gave him all the reasons he needed to investigate prior AG Loretta Lynch as well as Comey himself & all the leaks by & in the Department of Justice including the ones that originated from or with Comey. And this has nothing to do with Russia. So why not appoint a Special Counsel to investigate all of this including any & all people with whom Comey spoke & confided. Even Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein has voiced the need for investigation of the Lynch-Comey matter. So what is stopping AG Sessions? 

A month ago on May 20, 2017 we wrote that, according to the time tested media indicator, the anti-Trump wave had crested. That seems to have been a correct call, at least as of now. We wonder if this week’s horrific shooting of Republicans practicing for the Congressional baseball game will end up being the bottom of Republican timidity & lack of offense in this investigation-gate? After all, civil wars are not won by remaining on defense, are they?


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