“Janata-Janaardan” & Narendra Modi – Destiny of Mentally Independent India


Rarely do an electorate & an electoral leader come together in a meeting of minds & actions. But when they do, you see magic. All normal concepts, all self-oriented reasons are swept away in a common battle for the general good. And when that happens, destiny beckons. 

That is the simple story of this week’s election results in India. The electorate came together and said Narendra Modi is our man; he fights for us & not for himself. They knew that their own economic dreams have not been fulfilled the way they might have wanted. But they knew their country was in the right hands & he was moving the country in the right direction.

And Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged it after the election:

  • “this election was not fought by any candidate, any party; it was fought by the people of India. If there is a victor in this election, it is India; if there is a victor in this election, it is democracy; if there is a victor, it is Janata-Janaardan

Janaardan is a Sanskrut term that describes the pro-people orientation of God. Jan means people & Janata is the collection of people or the body public. So the term Janata-Janaardan has a deeply emotive meaning of the collective public body as a representation of God.

A leader does not refer to his people as Janata-Janaardan. Only a devoted servant who is committed to serving the people would use that term. And then Narendra Modi used the term Samar-pan (समर्पण )*. It is a devotionally emotive term that means to personally renounce & deliver unto God. He said,

  • “I with my party & our allies renounce this victory & deliver it at the feet of Janata-Janaardan.”

He meant it & the people know he meant it. That is why the people of India rose to give him a stunningly emphatic victory. He acknowledged it:

  • “You did not know me well in 2014 but you trusted me; In 2019, you trusted me after you knew more about me; you have given me even more strength”.

Then he made three promises to the people:

  1. I will not do anything with negative intentions or motives; I may make mistakes but they will not be due to bad intentions;
  2. I will not do anything for myself;
  3. Every moment of my time, every inch of my body is for the people of the Country.

And he exhorted the people,

  • “weigh me on these three scales; If I fail, criticize me;”

Finally he said,

  • I will live what I say in public

This is the simplest & purest language that goes deep into Indian psyche & resonates. It is the language that evokes the legacy of Bhagvaan Sri Krishna, the Ava-Taar of God on earth. Born into a family of cowherds & reviled by the proud & arrogant children of the King, Sri Krishna rose to deliver a just society. He lived exactly as he taught both kings & their people. That is why Sri Krishna is described as the Yogi of all Yogis.

This is not what the BrIndians or their masters in the west can even begin to comprehend. That is why Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Gandhi regime & the son brought up to rule India as a family heirloom, the man who was taught & managed as a politician by American political scientists & strategists, got destroyed in this week’s election. Forget about winning the election, he could not even win his family’s old seat of Amethi in his grandmother’s power belt of Uttar Pradesh.

As we said two weeks ago,

  • “And this is an all-Indian electorate, not the BrIndian self-proclaimed elite of India. Their choice is Indian traditions, Indian culture & Indian Dharma. And no leader represents these like Narendra Modi.”

There was no doubt that this was going to be a difficult election. There was high stress in rural areas & the middle class was struggling with joblessness & low wages. But, instead of moving away from Narendra Modi & falling into the old trap of handouts from corrupt politicians, the people of India rose en masse and voted to give a greater victory to Narendra Modi. Make no mistake. It was a vote for Narendra Modi and not for the local Members of Parliament from his party.

If this is any lesson to be learned from this election, it is that the Indian electorate is becoming mentally independent. And because of that increased mental independence, there is a virtuous circle growing in India between the Indian electorate & Narendra Modi. And such virtuous circles almost always destiny-creators.


*Samar-pan – the last line of an everyday prayer is a declaration of Samar-pan – करोमि यद् यद् सकलम् परस्म्ये नारायणाय इति समर्पयामि or “what ever I achieve, I renounce all of it & deliver it unto God“.




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