Fourth of July & The US Military


We hope & trust all had a great Fourth of July.  This year’s Fourth was special because a tradition was revived with the 2019 National Fourth of July parade that included the US Military.

We were not around then but we read that President Eisenhower had a parade that proudly featured the US military at his inauguration. Rightly so because the strength & the sacrifice of the US military had rescued Western Europe from the evil dominance of Hitler’s army. Celebrating the goodness of America’s military strength was an excellent & appropriate way of welcoming President Eisenhower into civil leadership. The parade for President Kennedy also featured tanks of the US military which was still a respected, beloved & proud entity at that time. 

Then came the Vietnam War & with that the image of the US Military was tarnished. Perhaps that may be why the pride of place in national parades was taken away from the US Military. But that era is long gone. No nation can survive let alone lead without not just a strong military but a military that is respected & loved by the people.

So we applaud the decision by President Trump to feature the US Military in his 2019 National Fourth of July parade. And we thank him for it. 

(credit to & courtesy of – Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

(credit to & courtesy of  – Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images )


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