After Hundreds of Years, Shri Ram Returns to Ayodhya


Unless you were on some other planet, you saw how India & Indians celebrated Diwali on Monday, January 23, 2024. People distributed sweets, wore good clothes, went out & met neighbors to celebrate Diwali. The traditional Diwali is celebrated on the day in October-November when Shri Ram originally returned to Ayodhya after destroying the evil Raavan & his empire. That took 14 years, an intolerably long period for those residents of ancient Ayodhya.  

This time Shri Ram had stayed away for hundreds of years mainly due to powerlessness and lack of dedication of the people of Ayodhya & all of India. And Prime Minister Modi publicly apologized to Shri Ram and begged his forgiveness for this far longer & far more intolerable period. After that due apology, PM Modi expressed his confidence that Shri Ram would forgive Indians & India.

Then he expressed the joy of all Indians on that divinely happy day because Shri Ram has returned to Ayodhya, this time for at least 10,000 years as Maha-Rushi Valmiki (the author of Ramayan) had originally declared. 

That is why Diwali was joyously celebrated on Monday, January 23, 2024 to celebrate the modern return of Shri Ram’s to Ayodhya.  



Listen to PM Modi yourselves in the above emotional speech of commitment to Shri Ram and the ancient declaration of Ram-Rajya, the original government for the people, of the people & by the joyously accepted government of the leader chosen by the people.

How did an entire continent of people remember their leader in over 1,000 years of darkness? Just look at the graphic below:

 People forget that India is ONE society because of Shri Ram, one society comprised of several racial groups. And that was accomplished by Bhagvaan Shri Ram.

To fulfill a promise made by his father, Shri Ram left his Ayodhya & his kingdom in ancient times to go south. He crossed the Vindhya range on foot to live on the banks of Godavari River in the central India. That large area labelled as Western Ghats was the province of a different race of people known as Vaanar – people of forests. It was run by a powerful king who was a brutal dictator. Shri Ram defeated the King & placed his brother on the throne. That brought that large population & the central Indian kingdom within the Indian system. That is where the great Warrior Hanuman became his friend & disciple.

But that brought him in contact with a much more powerful Kingdom run by Raavan who had never been defeated. In the end, Shri Ram marched along with the VaaNar army onto Lanka, the capital of Raavan. It was a battle for the ages with weapons whose detailed descriptions are still astounding scientific analysts today. 

Finally Raavan passed away as a great warrior should & Shri Ram appointed his younger brother, an expert in law, as the new King. And the entire kingdom was brought into the Indian system of governance. This is why Shri Ram represents all of India and all of India is based within Ram-Rajya. 


After that conquest, Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya 14 years after he had left. And that day is now celebrated as Diwali. His reign, known as Ram-Rajya, has lived as the complete example of how a nation has to remain – strong but peaceful, dedicated to both intellectual development as well as economic development, complete with sympathy for the weak & needy. 

This is why there is NO India without Shri Ram, his presence, his teachings & his example. That is what PM Modi states in the initial period of his short speech above. Invaders & occupiers did everything they could to destroy the memory & example of Shri Ram from the minds & hearts of Indians in the thousand years of invasion & occupation from 998 CE to 1947. Even in 1947, the government that came to power was a Brit-servile regime who made sure that virtually all civic institutions remained Brit-servile. To the point that even today, the Supreme Court of India only accepts use of Britlish in the Courts. 

Now you understand why PM Modi apologized to Shri Ram in his short speech. It took 10 years even for him to bring Shri Ram back to Ayodhya with the full dedication of India & Indians. But, as he said, now Shri Ram will remain in Ayodhya spiritually & physically for 10,000 years.    

Mental Independence of Indians 

Back on May 4, 2019 we had expressed our hope that the re-election of PM Modi would lead to Mental Independence of Indians. In that article, we had quoted a veteran journalist as saying:

  • India is listening to itself – and I think for the first time India likes what India is hearing in so many ways.”

Today after nearly 4 years & 8 months, everyone can see that India & Indians now love what they have become in their mental confidence, physical strength & enthusiasm for their future. Five years from today, we dream of writing about a Breakout by Indians & India. 

Speaking of liking a winner, listen to Taiwan’s Foreign Minister quote from an essay in Mandarin Chinese sent to him in Taiwan (minute 2:18)  and his own declaration:

  • “”The world is divided into two types of people – those who are going to fall in love with India & those who already have” – and I guess you know I belong to the second type:”.



At the other extreme are the descendants of the Ghazni-Ghori-Khilji-Tughlak-Lodi Pushtuns of Afghanistan who invaded India from 998 to the 15th century & destroyed sacred Indian temples all over North India. Those who thinks these descendants are not as skilled in war or as committed should look at the fight they put up under the Taleban banner against the might of America for the past 23 years. 

How did the Taleban react to the Pratishta (consecration) of the Ram Mandir this past week? They formally gifted water from the Kabul River in ceremonious fashion for the Pratishta of Shri Ram in Ayodhya. 

Because they understand better than most that today’s India & Indians are now mentally independent & focused outwards as well as inwards. And that the Pratishta of Shri Ram is for ever. That is why the new Ram Temple uses materials that are designed to last 1,000 years.




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